excavation in construction

Excavation is arguably the most important part of the home building process. No matter how impressive your new home looks, it won’t matter if it’s built on a bad foundation. 

Each building site comes with unique challenges and topography that must be properly excavated. This requires a specific progression of steps that may seem confusing to the untrained eye. Here’s what you can expect during the foundation excavation process. 

Site Clearance 

The first step is clearing the site to prepare for the foundation excavation. This means removing any trees, plants, or shrubs that are in the way. Large tree stumps or boulders may also need to be cleared before excavation can begin.

Staking The Site 

Once any unwanted vegetation is cleared, the next step is using markers to stake the home site to show where the foundation will be located. Wooden pegs and some string may be used to clearly mark the four corners of the home. 

Designing The Layout 

After the site is staked with markers, builders will often take into consideration the design plans for things like patios, walkways, and planters. This helps make sure everyone is on the same page about the home’s final layout.

Excavating The Foundation 

The excavation itself requires heavy machinery to remove earth from the designated area. This excavation process makes room for the proper foundation to be laid, and may include things like adding drainage or trenches.

Laying The Home’s Foundation 

Once the excavation is done and the foundation is determined to be level, it’s time to lay the foundation. During this phase, concrete or another material is poured into the foundation’s structure. It then needs to cure for about 4 to 10 days. 

Driveway Excavation 

Besides the home’s foundation, the driveway will also most likely need to be excavated. This is a similar process in that trees, bushes, and stumps are removed. For driveways, the excavation process is usually followed by applying gravel to achieve the desired level. 

Foundation Excavation Process – The Key To A Home That Lasts 

Excavation in construction is so much more than just scooping out some earth and pouring in concrete. If not done correctly, it can lead to problems down the road. That’s why it’s so important to choose a reliable excavation contractor that doesn’t rush the job. 

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