bubbling rock fountain ideas

Is there anything more peaceful than listening to the sound of a trickling fountain? Adding a bubbling rock fountain to your backyard can instantly transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. When planning your new fountain, it helps to consider several bubbling rock fountain ideas before getting started. 

There are two distinct styles of bubble rocks; natural and architectural. Each will lend a different effect to your backyard, so it’s important to consider what you’re going for. 

Natural rock water fountains blend in with your existing backyard landscape or garden. They imitate a small stream, pond, or waterfall.

Architectural bubble rock fountains have a modern aesthetic to stand out and draw attention. 

If you need some inspiration, here are three bubbling rock fountain ideas that would look amazing in any backyard. 

Stacked Waterfall 

This natural rock fountain is achieved by stacking several large flat rocks on top of each other, keeping the angles alternating out to create a terraced effect. 

When the bubbling waterfall spills down from the top, it results in a mesmerizing fountain where the water descends downwards from each level. Adding gravel around it will enhance the natural and earthy appearance.

Boulder Fountain 

If you want to make a statement, consider a stand-alone boulder fountain. The huge variety in boulder shapes means you can easily achieve a striking architectural look, if that’s what you’re after. 

Boulder fountains typically have a single bubbling waterfall spilling out from the top. They are great centerpieces when you cluster smaller rocks around it. They can also be encircled by plants if you’d rather have it blend in with your existing landscape. 

Pool Waterfall 

For something really luxurious, you can’t beat a natural rock fountain that bubbles out into your pool. Swimming pool rock waterfall fountains can be simple and understated or elegant and showy, it’s up to you. 

A rock wall fountain with a cascading effect near the pool’s shallow side is popular among many homeowners. 

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